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Layaway Policy


  • - Customers must provide a legible photocopy of the front and back of their state-issued driver’s license or ID card
  • - Layaway must total at least $400.00 or more. Customers can add products to a Layaway Package to reach the $400.00 amount
  • - A minimum 20% non-refundable deposit of the total is required to start each new layaway [Does NOT include shipping costs (if applicable)]
  • - All new layaways are subject to a $25.00 Service Fee which will be included in the final costs.
  • - Layaway must be paid using a Credit/Debit Card or Cash (cash payments are only available in-store)
  • - NO checks or money orders or other payment methods will be accepted
  • - Payments must be a minimum of $25.00. This includes the final payment
  • - It is the customer’s responsibility to make all payments as required in the Layaway Agreement
  • - Utah FAST will notify a customer after receiving payment with the current amount due on or before the last day of the Layaway Term.
  • - Utah FAST WILL NOT notify customers with payment reminder notices
  • - Final payment must be made on or before the last day of the Layaway Term. If the last day falls on a state or federal holiday the final payment is due the following business day


  • - Agencies, departments, discounted items, promotions, clearance items, or any NFA firearm/item are NOT eligible for Layaway
  • - Customers must ensure that the product(s) placed on layaway comply with all age requirements; local, state, and federal, laws, restrictions, and regulations
  • - Customer name and billing address on the Layaway Agreement must match the credit/debit card(s) used for subsequent payments.
  • - Customers are only allowed one active Layaway Agreement at a time. Once the Layaway Term has been completed, feel free to start another one!
  • - Customers can only have one firearm on layaway at a time
  • - Used firearms (consignments) must have prior approval from the firearm owner
  • - Product(s), Layaway Agreement, and Layaway Term cannot be changed once the deposit has been made – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • - Deposit and subsequent payments are NON REFUNDABLE
  • - Layaway Agreements that exceed the Layaway Term will automatically be canceled
  • - Layaway Agreements that have been canceled or exceed the Layaway Term WILL NOT receive store credit or refund
  • - The Layaway Agreement locks in the current price for the product(s) at the time of the Deposit. Although our prices are subject to change, during the Layaway Term, if the price increases on a product, Utah FAST does not contact customers asking for more money. If the price decreases on a product such as a sale, closeout, or other promotion, no price adjustments will be made. The customer is still required to pay the original Layaway Agreement amount
  • - If, upon completion of the Layaway Agreement, the customer is unable to take possession of a firearm or other product for any reason due to failure to comply with all local, state, and federal laws, restrictions, and regulations, including becoming a prohibited person as defined by customers state or federal laws, or a background check denial, customer WILL NOT receive store credit or refund
  • - Layaway orders WILL NOT be shipped until final payment has been paid in full. Completed layaways may take 2-3 business days to process and ship
  • - Layaway orders containing a firearm will ONLY be transferred to the actual buyer, who must have proper identification. See our Firearm Transfer Information
  • After the completion of a Layaway Agreement, orders WILL NOT be held longer than 30 days. After this time Utah FAST will return the product(s) into inventory and the customer WILL NOT receive a refund or store credit